Sarah & Matt wedding. Leo Carrillo Ranch, Carlsbad, California

Having photographed well over a 100 weddings in the past few years, you end up meeting a lot of couples.  To be perfectly honest, I can't recall every wedding off the top of my head without some reminding.  But every once in while, you meet a couple who are unforgettable.  This definitely applied to Sarah & Matt.  Upon our first meeting, it was clear that Sarah had a strong vision as to what her engagement session and wedding style were going to be.  As you may notice in the photos, there was an extraordinary amount of work that went into the details of her wedding, all planned and executed by the bride.

Occasionally, couples will bring a couple props for their engagement session.  It may be their initials or a sign with the wedding date, etc.  For their engagement session, Matt & Sarah built their own teepee!  The result was a photo that I loved so much, it now hangs in my office.

Being a photographer in north San Diego county, you become well acquainted with Leo Carrillo Ranch.  I had been there on many occasions for family portraits, but I had never had the good fortune of photographing a wedding.  I had high hopes that the photographic results from this wedding would be truly special, and they did not disappoint.

Everything from the centerpieces, to the VW photo booth, to the giant LOVE sign, to the blankets and desserts was amazing.  I don't usually obsess over details shots, but when it's truly unique....

Congratulations to Matt & Sarah!  Please enjoy these photos from Top Shelf Photo....

Venue:  Leo Carrillo Ranch

Photo Booth:  The Photo Bus

Coordinator:  Leah Durfey, Personal Touch Dining

DJ:  Bill Calhoun  

Decor:  Adore Folklore